Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fairview Deploys to Communities in Need

The Fairview Fire District community was lucky to have minimal damage due to Hurricane Sandy.  Unfortunately, other communities in New York, including New York City and Long Island were not as fortunate.  As of this writing, Fairview personnel and other county and state fire departments are preparing equipment and relief supplies to deploy to these devastated areas under New York’s statewide mutual aid plan.  

Please keep those who have been affected in your thoughts and prayers.   We are proud of the fact that we are able to send help to those who need it.  

Monday, October 29, 2012

Fairview Responds to Hurricane Sandy

Fairview Firefighters are prepared to the best of our ability for the pending storm.  Yesterday, with the assistance of Boy Scout Troop 17, we were able to hand out almost 500 sandbags to district residents. There are a small number of sandbags left.  We will not be filling any more as of the posting of this blog.  That may change as the situation dictates.  Today we are staffed and ready to go with both volunteer and career manpower.   

The leadership here at Fairview would like to remind all district residents that we will get to you.  Remember that we have to handle requests for assistance based on priority.  Emergencies that are immediately dangerous to life and property will be handled first.  Service calls will be handled as they are taken.  

Please use 911 only in the event of a true emergency.  For service calls you may call the fire station at (845) 452-8770.  

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

Fairview Firefighters are still working to be prepared for the upcoming storm.   Today, with the assistance of Boy Scout Troop 17 (sponsored by the Fairview Fire Company) we are filling and distributing sand bags.  Sandbags can be picked up at the station.  A maximum of 20 sandbags per trip will be given out.   This is to limit waste of this resource.   

Thank you to BSA Troop 17 for their assistance in this endeavor.   

Additionally, the fire station is being readied for your calls for assistance by setting up our command and dispatch center.  The equipment has been tested and scheduling of additional personnel has begun.

Please remember that Fairview’s firefighting professionals (both paid and volunteer) are here when you need them.   

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fire Sprinklers Work

Tonight was a perfect example that fire sprinklers protect property and save lives.  Fairview firefighters were dispatched to a business within the district for an automatic alarm of fire around 6:00pm this evening.   Soon after responding, Dutchess 911 was updated that there was a fire in the structure and that the sprinkler had activated.  The alarm was upgraded with the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department now responding.   

Upon arrival, firefighters investigated and found a fire that had been completely extinguished by the sprinkler system.   Fairview firefighters checked for any extension into the structure and found none.   

The business will be back operating in full capacity tomorrow morning.   

Thank you to Roosevelt and the City of Poughkeepsie for providing mutual aid as Fairview Firefighters operated at the scene.   Thank you to the Town of Poughkeepsie Building Department for responding in a timely manner.    

Please remember that your Fairview Firefighters are here, ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fairview Prepares for Sandy

Are you prepared?

Fairview Firefighters are currently preparing for the potential storm coming.   All the pumps have been run, generators are ready to go, preparation for sandbags, and manpower assessments have begun.  

Please remember to make sure your family is prepared.  If you are unsure on what you may need to do to be prepared please go www.ready.gov.   

The storm can be watched by using the following web sites:


Updates will be made to this blog as time permits.  

Please remember that your Fairview Firefighters are here when you need them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Press Release 2013 Tax Levy

For Immediate Release

Contact:               Christopher Maeder, Chief

The Fairview Fire District is releasing this information as taxpayers will see a double digit tax levy increase for the second year in a row. The amount to be collected from Taxes for 2013 has increased by 14.7% over 2012. [This translates into a tax levy increase of 15.8% in the Town of Poughkeepsie and 11.7% in Hyde Park.]
This year’s significant budget increase is directly related to the mandated 36.8% or $157,375 payment increase into the New York State retirement system. The impact of this state mandate directly increased the budget by 4.8%. Of the remaining budget increase only 2% are discretionary costs such as office supplies, training, etc. The rest of the 14.7% budget increase is in fixed operating cost of the district.  
Additionally, years of being fiscally responsible in the budget process, has resulted in little “fat” in the budget and lack of fund balance to responsibly decrease the levy without putting Fairview in an even more precarious situation. This year’s budget is a result of the state and local governments’ failure to work with the Fairview Fire District and solving the tax exempt problem. 
It is important to note that some tax exempt institutions have stepped forward and helped, however not enough to fill the void. The cost of providing service to all is becoming unsustainable when according to the Pace University Consolidation study 52% of the districts properties are now tax exempt. The few that have stepped forward are contributing a total of $125,000 or 3.8% towards the basic 2012 operating cost of $3,277,700.
According to Chief Christopher Maeder, the Fairview Fire District provides valuable resources to all properties within the district and these resources are stretched thin, while at the same time protecting multiple pieces of critical infrastructure including the State’s busiest level II trauma center, the County’s community college, the 911 center, County mental health, etc.  The time has come where everyone must pay their way here in Fairview helping the already overburdened taxpayer.  
Over the years, a number of potential solutions have been offered.  These solutions included ability to bill insurance companies for emergency medical services, charging fees for service delivered to all properties, and the ability to levy taxes on exempt properties like other special districts.   
Once again, the Fairview Fire District is pleading with state and local officials so that there is adequate and fair funding for the essential services that are provided to all.  The tax exempt issue is not unique to the Fairview Fire District.  There have been multiple investigations and recommendations by both the Executive and Legislative branches of the state with little relief provided to New York’s taxpayers.  Facts about the current problem with tax exempts can be found at http://www.nysenate.gov/files/pdfs/FINALDRAFTExemptionReport.pdf