Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Press release 11 Butternut Way


Christopher Maeder, Chief
Fairview Fire District
258 Violet Avenue
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

At approximately 8:37 this morning, the Fairview Fire District was dispatched for a reported house fire at 11 Butternut Way in the Town of Poughkeepsie. Upon arrival firefighters found an occupied home with an active fire in the basement.  The home was evacuated upon the discovery of the fire.  A second alarm of fire was transmitted bringing additional resources and personnel to the scene.   The fire was brought under control within a half hour of arrival and was kept to the area of the fire’s origin.  

Six (6) children and two (2) adults were assisted with their immediate housing needs by the Red Cross. 
There were no injuries to the occupants or firefighting personnel.  

Additional assisting agencies included the City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department, Roosevelt Fire District, Arlington Fire District, Dutchess County Department of Emergency Response, Town of Poughkeepsie Police, Town of Hyde Park Police, Central Hudson, Town of Poughkeepsie Water Department, Town of Poughkeepsie Building Department and Mobile Life Support Services.  

The fire has been determined to be accidental as a result of improperly maintained and installed clothes drier. 

2nd Anniversary of Fairview Avenue Fire

Today, January 21st, marks the second anniversary of the 112 Fairview Avenue fire that claimed the lives of three young adults.  Eva Block, Kevin Johnson, and Kerry Fitzsimons lost their lives in a fast moving fire in an off campus rental.   Thankfully four were able to escape by jumping out windows that evening or the death toll would have been even higher.  

As a result of the fire, the Fairview Fire District has placed a considerable amount of energy and resources into the educating both students and residents in an effort make sure that tragedy’s like Fairview Avenue never strikes again.   Through our public education coordinator’s office, the Fairview Fire District reaches out to our residents and those who live in off campus housing to teach the life skills of preventing fires.

While educating the public about how to prevent fires is part of the mission of the Fairview Fire District, enforcement is not.  The Fairview Fire District encourages municipalities to be proactive in the prevention of fires in our communities.  The leadership of the Fairview Fire District is willing to work with members of the community as well as our elected officials to make it fire safe for all.  

The members of the Fairview Fire District would like to remind everyone that you should have working smoke detectors throughout your home.  This means a detector in every sleeping area, and at least one on every level of your home.  In addition, a working carbon monoxide detector helps keep everyone safe from this deadly gas.  

If you need assistance with your smoke detectors or need a smoke detector installed, please contact Justin Bohlmann at (845) 452-8770.   

Founded in 1910, The Fairview Fire District is located in Dutchess County, New York. We protect the Northern part of the Town of Poughkeepsie and the Southern part of the Town of Hyde Park. The district is four and a half square miles large. There are homes, businesses, colleges, schools, health care facilities and more in the district. Public protection is provided by a combination career and volunteer staff 24/7/365.